Prism is a language that was born in the wild and raised in the darkness by a schizophrenic monkey. It is held together by duct tape and cracked asbestos-filled spackle. But it has got character; and in this world, that's enough.


Prism is currently in prototype. It will soon be released and made open-source. But if you're someone who lives on the edge and is very curious to try it out, you can download the prototype version for your platform and start using it.

The binaries are updated on a regular basis. Keep track of the release date and use these installers to update Prism every time a new version comes out to stay on the latest version of Prism and get access to all latest features.

To install Prism in your computer, run the installer as superuser (Administrator).

Last Updated on Thu Jan 01 1970

If you don't prefer the installer, you can grab the Prism binaries from here and run it from wherever you like.

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