Prism Docs

The Prism Programming Language Usage Documentation.

Prism Program Files

Prism programs are saved with the .prism extension. If you want to run your Prism program, open Terminal in the directory where your program is there and run it as follows:

$ prism hello_world.prism

Prism Interactive Shell

Prism offers a command line interface to run Prism code without having to write to any files with its interactive shell. If you just want to test a few lines of Prism code as soon as possible, you don't have to write a program and save it into a file! Use the Prism interactive shell.

The interactive shell is just one command away from your terminal:

$ prism

This brings up the Prism interactive shell, where you can run any Prism code:

Prism prototype version on windows/386!
Welcome to the interactive shell.

Once the interactive shell is started, you can issue any command at the prompt >>>:

Prism prototype version on windows/386!
Welcome to the interactive shell.
>>> println("Hello, World!")
Hello, World!
>>> let x = (5 + 10 * 2 + 15 / 3) * 2 + -10
>>> x

Prism Installation Directory

If you install Prism with the provided installer, it'll install the Prism binaries in the following path, depending on your operating system:

  • /usr/local/bin/prism - macOS and Linux based operating systems
  • %SYSTEMROOT%\prism.exe - Windows operating systems

If you want to uninstall Prism, all you need to do is remove the aforementioned file and you're good to go.

Operator Precedence

The following table summarizes the operator precedence in Prism, from highest precedence (most binding) to lowest precedence (least binding). Unless explicitly stated, operators are binary.

Precedence Operator Description Associativity
0 () Parentheses / Grouping Left-to-right
1 obj.attr Attribute access Left-to-right
obj[key] Subscription Left-to-right
2 f(args...) Function call Left-to-right
3 ++ Post Increment Right-to-left
-- Post Decrement Right-to-left
4 ++ Pre Increment Right-to-left
-- Pre Decrement Right-to-left
~ Bitwise NOT Right-to-left
! Logical NOT Right-to-left
+ Unary plus Right-to-left
- Unary minus Right-to-left
5 % Modulo / Remainder Left-to-right
/ Division Left-to-right
* Multiplication Left-to-right
6 + Addition Left-to-right
- Subtraction Left-to-right
7 << Bitwise Left Shift Left-to-right
>> Bitwise Right Shift Left-to-right
8 & Bitwise AND Left-to-right
9 ^ Bitwise XOR Left-to-right
10 | Bitwise OR Left-to-right
11 < Less than Left-to-right
<= Less than or equal to Left-to-right
> Greater than Left-to-right
>= Greater than or equal to Left-to-right
12 == Equal to Left-to-right
!= Not equal to Left-to-right
13 && Logical AND Left-to-right
14 || Logical OR Left-to-right
15 = Direct assignment Right-to-left
Coded with ❤ & ☕ by Traction
© Sankarsan Kampa