Prism Packages

The builtin packages in the Prism Programming Language.


Every programming language has some kind of way of doing numbers and math.

Do not worry, programmers lie frequently about being math geniuses when they really aren't. If they were math geniuses, they would be doing math, not writing ads and social network games to steal people's money.


Mathematical Constants

Name Value Notes
E 2.718281828459045
Pi 3.141592653589793
Phi 1.618033988749895
Sqrt2 1.414213562373095
SqrtE 1.648721270700128
SqrtPi 1.772453850905516
SqrtPhi 1.272019649514068
Ln2 0.693147180559945
Log2E 1 / Ln2
Ln10 2.302585092994045
Log10E 1 / Ln10

Floating-point limit values. Max is the largest finite value representable by the type. SmallestNonzero is the smallest positive, non-zero value representable by the type.

Name Value
MaxFloat 1.7976931348623157e+308
SmallestNonzeroFloat 5e-324

Integer limit values.

Name Value Notes
MaxInt 9223372036854775807 (1 << 63) - 1
MinInt -9223372036854775808 -1 << 63
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